hey, i am new to this site, i don't even know if this is the right place to ask this on here. My computer has been running slow especially when shutting down, it takes forever to shut down. When it is started up a box pops up saying "error loading C:\Windows\system32\zogovaro.dll. The specified module could not be found." Is this why it's moving slowly and what can I do to fix this? Thank you so much in advance. Your help is really appreciated.

zogovaro.dll is a malware file, meaning something not good for your computer. Your computer is probably running slowly because it is infected with viruses or spyware. Try shutting down and booting from an antivirus disk if you have one. PCTools website has one free antivirus program - there are many freeware and shareware programs. If you use a shareware program regularly, do send a donation to the authors so they can keep up the good work. Spyware is different from a virus: it hides in the background and sends information about you to evil people. You need both spyware and antivirus programs. The program's website will have instructions on how to download, install, and run it to clean your system.

In the future, you can always type the file name or error message into Google's search field, and you have a good chance of finding a link that will help you fix your problem.

i've tried that and it still pops up at the beginning, why does it care if ti's missing if it's bad

Please pardon. I'm not trying to hijack Kentuckienne's thread. I'm only hoping I can help shed a little light on the subject. zogovaro.dll is associated with a form of the vundo strain of malware. Generally through "shopping" websites. I have found in the past that downloading and running Malwarebytes . Which has a freeware version. http://download.cnet.com/Malwarebytes-Anti-Malware/3000-8022_4-10804572.html seems to work the best at getting rid of this (and other) strains of vundo. Also you may want to download and run CCleaner. This will help to not only clean your system of temporary internet files and old cookies etc. . As well as clean your registry. it will enable you to enable/disable the applications and /or programs that attempt to start at the same time as windows starts. thereby stopping the parent program (which contains the malware) from trying to start.

That's right ... what we're trying to say is this file that windows is complaining about is a kind of infection. There is no other way to fix the problem than by cleaning your computer of viruses and other "malware" files. When I said it was a bad file, I didn't mean it was corrupted or damaged - I meant it was bad for your computer. We know your computer is infected because it complains, and gives you the name of a known "malware" file. We don't know how many other malware programs or viruses are on there.

Think of it this way: you come home from vacation, and there's a note on the inside of the front window saying "Dave's not here". What could it mean? Some squatter named Dave has been in your house while you were out! And he's left a note, or one of his buddies has left a note, to other squatters! You have no idea who Dave is, who the other squatters are, or how many there are. They could be thieves, looking to steal your personal property. They could be just freeloaders out for fun, to have a different place to stay. They could be dangerous criminals who are going to burn your house down when they have finished the last batch of meth they are cooking up in your gourmet kitchen. It doesn't matter - there are strangers in your house, without your permission, and you need help to get them out. You call the police and let the police take care of entering, searching, and clearing out the house. The police know how these kind of criminals and squatters work and they can do the job safely.

Now this is exactly what you are facing with your computer. One or more virus/malware programs - computer squatters - has moved into your computer. You want to clean it out right away, because you don't know what it can be doing. Programs like this can delete your files, steal your personal information, and use your computer to launch attacks on other computers without your knowledge. These programs run in the background and often the only sign of their presence is that your system runs more slowly. You are lucky in that you got a warning with a file name.

So you must now go and get software police to root out these unwanted guests. You can get a program in a box from Symantec or McAfee which will do the job. Read the instructions inside before you install and be sure to follow the "if your computer is already infected" steps. This might be easier than trying to find, download, and run a program from the internet. Once your computer is cleaned and back to normal, be sure to run the antivirus scans regularly (the program will offer to set this up for you during the installation). There are lots of programs on the internet - some free or cheap - which will help your computer run better and keep it free of viruses and malware. You must learn how to use them because you could possibly cause damage if you use the program wrong. That's why the boxed programs from the store are safer for non-computer-lovers. If you just want to get your machine working without spending a lot of time figuring out how to use software, that would be your best bet.

I won't give you a lecture about what kind of sites you were on where you picked up a malware program. Fooled you once, shame on them. If they get you twice, you'll have another chance to play with malware removal software.

Well said Kentuckienne. I especially loved the gratuitous use of the old Cheech and Chong "Dave's not here man." That alone is worth an "up" to your reputation. It kinda tells our age I guess. I hope you don't mind me adding a couple of thoughts to the rock solid advice you have given. But I notice that many forums deal with explanations of malware and recommendations for removal software quite well. However they seldom deal with proper removal techniques. As far as an out of the box security solution ( anti virus,anti spyware,firewall, etc. ) I myself use Kaspersky Internet Security Suite. Yet as good as that is I find that a Freeware program called Malwarebytes is much more effective at removing those hard to eliminate "Nasties". Just thought it was worth a mention. The first thing to do is to go to your Control Panel / System / System Protection / Configure restore settings and turn off your system restore. (if you are running XP it is Control Panel / System / Advanced / System Restore) The reason for this is that many types of malware will replicate themselves and hide in your system restore. The next step is to reboot into Safe Mode. Usually by pressing F8 repeatedly while the system is powering up. This will keep the malware from contacting the internet and thereby replicating itself as fast as you are trying to eliminate it. The next step is to log in as Administrator and run a "Full Scan" with whatever security solution you have chosen. After that you will reboot back into your normal Windows system and re-run your security software again. After a final reboot you should go back to your Control Panel and turn your System Restore back on. To the best of my knowledge this is the best way to ensure that no traces of any malware gets overlooked or left behind.

Oooh, that's good advice. I mostly use a Mac, nowadays, and am slowly forgetting all my mad skills from PC days, plus since the Mac is fairly immune to most viruses I just haven't kept up as well. The Malwarebytes site is a good tip ... I think I'll install it on my nephew's laptop once (if)f I get it back up and running. Crashed mysteriously on him while he was downloading "free" music.

I wondered if anyone else would get the "Dave" reference. It's good to know there's still intelligent life out there...

Haven't heard back from you. I hope that you were ably to resolve your issues. please let us know how you made out.

Running a registry cleaner after some malware scanner can be helpful as well. you can try a free scan with RegInOut.

thanks guys, sorry it took so long to get back but the advice worked