I'm on a laptop and for about a month now, everytime i push my L key in internet explorer it goes to full screen and back again when i push L again. However, only pushing L does it. If i hold shift and push L it does nothing. But pushing L just regurarly typing makes it switch from full screen and back.

If anybody could help me out, maybe my keyboard is bad on my laptop or something. If im in the wrong forumn area let me know, this is my first post as i just stumbled across this site...it would be greatly appreciated if anyone can just point me to the right place.


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Does it do it in Safe Mode?

Does the L key have a symbol on it in BLUE? I'm just wondering if you have a Function (Fn lock) option and the L can be used with Fn to change its purpose. Just a thought, though.

Does the L key work in the BIOS? If you have the opportunity to set a password in BIOS you can test keys there.

The final test would be to do a full recovery and see if it solves the problem.

If none of that applies or works then you'd have to conclude a keyboard fault.

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