Hi, is there an affordable and easy to use software to take control of remote customer computer to do support like webex?

Something easy to use for end user and that can bypass firewall?

I know logmein rescue but this solution is a little bit expensive :)

Thanks for your advise.


teamviewer software is a good tool for supporting remotely

And so is crossloop, and it's free.

Radmin Remote Administrator. 30-days free trial and $49 for a life-time license. Just try!

I use Mikogo. It is a free online screen sharing, remote, and web conferencing tool. You can change the presenter to other users on the call and even request permission to take control. There tools are very easy to use. Checkout their site at http://www.mikogo.com. To start a meeting you must setup a free account. The participant(s) can join a meeting without an account. They also make a portable version for thumb drives.

RealVNC is the best choice for me. Our team use it for our enterprise support operation.


UltraVNC. Free, easy to set up, just allow access through the firewall for the one port it uses. www.uvnc.com

Couldn't live without it :P