My laptop was stolen out of my apartment a few weeks ago. It had Logmein, which is remote access software, installed. I've been monitoring my Logmein account regularly, and see the laptop comes online periodically. I want to track down where it is and who has it. If I switched to "Remote Control" mode, so I had a view of the desktop, and could control the mouse & keyboard, I'd be able to find out this information by go to / watching until he checks his email so I could get his email address. I could also then install a keylogger. HOWEVER, unfortunately this is not an option -- when you switch to "Remote Control" mode with Logmein, a notification pops up -- this would tip him off, and probably lead him to delete Logmein, which is my only hope. If I installed any programs it would also be risky I think.

I CAN, however, use the command prompt AND modify the registry without him being notified. What can I do with these capabilities to track down the computer?
I know I can do tracert to get the IP address. What else??

thank you thank you thank you thank you

Do a tracert to find out what ISP they're connecting to.
Tell the ISP what you know
Tell the police what you know.

I did some searching and came across someone who claims to have hacked logmein's application (cached google link below) and removed the notification. I have no idea how much he/she is selling it for, if you end up contacting them I would be interested in hearing the results i.e. how well it works and how much it costs.

If you are interested in the sites they have visted check this reg key: Current user\software\microsoft\internet explorer\typedURLS

If I think of anything else I'll let you know, good luck.


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