I stopped using IE a long while ago. I love FireFox and all of the
hidden Easter Eggs it offers me to improve my speed and other things
that I could never do in IE.
Vista has always been an issue for me, either crashing, slowing up
freezing etc.

lately my PC is freezing up more and more. I keep my PC clean at all times, no bugs or viruses.

How can I fix this freezing issue which has been a problem for me the day I got this new PC I hate Vista....

Other question, I have all my XP disks from my old PC how can I remove Vista and load XP I have no ideas when it comes to this.



Freezing while using FF tells me you are running out of memory (given that my beloved FF is still a memory hog, not surprising).

  • Install more RAM
  • Use the ReadyBoost option or increase Page-file size as a quick and dirty fix
  • Check to ensure all your drivers are up-to-date... never trust the OEM vendor to supply updated drivers!!

Simple point - the vast majority of people still having issues with Vista performance (yes was a clunker at first but has been vastly improved btwn SP1 & SP2) comes back to either crap OEM provided hardware (HP for example just LOVE popping in legacy hardware into even their premium offerings) or outdated drivers. Don't go blaming MS when is the vendors, not the OS developer, that have caused the most Vista-related issues

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Hi there,

Kaninelupus is almost certainly correct. $10 says that you don't have enough memory to run Vista well, or your outdated software drivers. As a rule of thumb 1 Gb of RAM is the minimum for Vista. 2 Gb is better.

I have a PC with Vista SP2 installed and 2Gb of memory and it is running around 45% faster than when the exact same hardware was running XP. I know this as it was part of a test bed that I set up.

Regarding your other question, if you have the original Microsoft XP discs, pop them into your PC, reboot, and boot from the disc and follow the prompts. You will have to wipe your PC and unless you have multiple hard drives with your data on one, and the OS on the other, you will lose all your data.

To be of any more specific guidance, a listing of your machine's specs would be very helpful