Hey guys whats up?

I myself am pretty good with all this and actually know what i am doing here but...

Having an issue that is bugging the crap out of me. I can not figure it out for the life of me. (either im to frustrated, or missing something here) ... but my issue is:

Exporting from MS Office 07 to WM (Windows mail).

Now i have already done this and searched every where for an answer of this sort and can not find.

I exported fine and imported fine but NONE of the pictures i have set for the people show up on WM.

I have done it like i normally always have but im not to use to WM as i just got another new system with Vista Home prem, anyways. I have all my contacts fine in Office 07, with all text fields and contact pictures, but when i export them this way:

file >> import - export >> csv >. blah blah blah

I then import into windows mail and all seem to be right, except the contacts pictures are not there included.

To where like i have to go and re-assign them.

So basically how do i get my FULL Office 07 contact lists and ALL maps including persons pictures to show up and import right into WM ??

I have tried csv and excel, Maps look fine and set fine but still no image with transfer over either format or way... gggrrrrr

Im thinking the picture doesn't have a set map. or a way to be exported in txt csv format or something..

Any and all help is much appreciated.

Did you guys included the person picture when you tried it also or not ??


oohh and by the way, i went from XP MS office 07 exported my contacts as normal, then imported them on my Vista MS office 07, and they imported/exported just fine. Picture included and all text fields etc etc.. All my folders and paths are the same and correct (or at least should be), as of course i backed up and moved all my files over to other new machine.



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