When receiving an email with an attachment (PDF for example) the user has to save the file before opening it. Is there a way to enable the user to open the attachment without saving the file?

Does outlook just bring up the save dialog box as soo as you double-click on the attachment?
If so, go to Control Panel > Folder Options > File Types. Fint the file type in question and click advanced. Clear the "Confirm open after download" checkbox.

it should give you an option like IE does, asking either to open it or save it to disk

jbennet, I am assuming that some time in the past he unticked the box "Always ask before opening this type of file"
Going through Folder Options as per my previous post will bring back the very dialog you mention.

I thank you all for your suggestions and I have tried all the mentioned solutions but with no success. In the end I just repaired outlook with another copy and everything seems to be working properly. I believe the copy I was using was corrupt some how.

When receivingan email, why microsoft outlook 2003 always aks my password ? Please help me. Thanks