Reinstalling PC Health

Could anyone help please?

System is: XP (1.80 Ghz, 120 Gb HDD 512 Mb RAM AMD, SP3 downloaded 6 months ago. Computer 4 years old and has Version 2002 SP3.)

PC Health is missing. I understood this would work: - I went to C:\Windows\Inf, find the pchealth.inf file and Install it.

When I did it, it told me it wanted the CD with SP3 on. Which of course I don't have. (I have the original 2002 disk.)

Well it didn't work. Could anyone suggest a work around? I really need a temperature control on this machine because it blows hot.





You should be able to find an XP SP3 .iso on the net.

Thanks, Houston IT.

I haven't done this before, could you talk me through it please?

I guess I need to download the CD image for SP3 (about 544 Mb), preferably from Microsoft, make a CD, and then apply it and reinstall SP3.

Have I read this right?


I would just follow the same procedure you mentioned before, but have the XP SP3 disk handy.

Thanks Houston
I can't do it tomorrow, but I'll post you with the outcome. It would be good to have another solved thread.