I was wondering if it was possible to change an exe settings through dos? For example, instead of right clicking and going to settings to change the settings I would like to right a bat file to do that.

Are you fairly familiar with basic dos? Do you know the "copycon" command (or any other old dos command line stuff) ? You can actually use notepad to make a batch file. You just have to give it a file extension of *.bat and enter whatever settings you want. To find the extra settins of an exe file, under a command line in context WITH the command, just enter the whatever.exe /? (followed by a slash and question mark) that will give you all the documented options that that exe file can operate under. Sometimes there are, what are known as "undocumented" options also. You can go to a web search engine and enter the executable files name, and search for "undocumented" features or options.

Once you have created a *.bat file. you should be able to just click it. and run the whatever.exe file with the options of your choice.

whatever *.bat file you create... it just has to be in context with the *.bat file (in the same directory). You can put a shortcut to it anywhere tho.

i understand how to do the bat files but the /? did not work

I suppose it's possible there is NO built-in help file. But, if that is the case then do a search at the venders website first. followed by a search in general search engines. Ask the question: Switches and Envirnoment options for "Whatever.exe" (you may also want to throw in the words "undocumented switches". try combinations of wording like this. Also, you may want to go to a website, (if you need it) that has tutorials in dos batch files. they may have suggestions for running executables as well as general dos batch file help.

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