I recently used the Computer Management tool to create a new account of my computer and after creating it I deleted my previous one. But now in windows text does not appear in certain places in programs, see the image below. As well certain text in flash files on the web do not show.

If anyone suspects they know what is wrong with my pc could they please give me any viable solutions for my problem.

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If you are referring to blank title bar, you might have missing font. To check what font is assigned to taskbar, rightclick on the desktop, open properties, click on the appearance tab and click "advanced" button. There you can click on the title bar in the image and the font should read "Trebuchet MS" (that's default). Try changing to some other font to see if that would help.


I tried that and it to no avail. Im still having problems with the text, thanks thought but any other ideas?


Did you try creating another account? Maybe something got in the way when you created that one. AV software tends to control registry changes and they can block programs like account manager to do needed tasks properly.
I suggest that you get rid of that account and make a new one with AV software disabled.

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