i installed MS Office home and student 2007 into my laptop.. and then i activated it.. the problem is.. i can use all of the apps(ms word, excel, ppt,etc) but not MS Access.. it prompts for a product key, but when i entered the product key, it says "The key is incorrect. Verify that you have the correct key, then retype it."

please help.

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Access isnt a part of Home and Student. It has its own key (i baught student 2003, and then sent away for access for a little extra,access came in a paper pouch with the key stuck to it)


oh yeah. i just saw from the packaging just now. thanks.

*what do you mean by "sent away"? like you asked for access installer? or ordered it or something?


Office 2003 Student came with Excel, Powerpoing, Word, Outlook. I had a flyer in it to send away for Access for like 15 Euros, essentially making it Office Professional. Ms sent me access on a disk, in a pouch (no box) and it had its own key. It wont install unless I install office Student first and it says "Add on product".

I doubt this exists anymore, as the 2007 version is Home & Student, whereas distribution of 2003 was quite restricted, you had to actually be a student. I mean, if anyone could get access for 2007 like i did, then i doubt anyone would ever buy pro.

Im sticking with 2003 still because i need Outlook, which isnt in 2007 unless you get Pro (replaced with OneNote)

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