I get a messege saying I may not have access to files, to check with administrator for permission.
I set up both desktop and laptop, both set to same workgroup. Each comp is recognized by the other, bt I cannot logg onto the Desktop from laptop.. please help.
I checked to make sure files were being shared and that the firewall to file sharing was off.
Thanks any help is appreciated.. A

If file sharing is off then how will you share files ?

IT IS ON! Anthing else to help me out... please help..

Are the usernames the same on both PC's. If they were different I would expect it to ask for a username and password to access the file, but maybe not if it's XP Home.

Anyway, if your give your account on both the desktop and laptop with the same username and password it should automatically authenticate and allow you access.

I've never tried it with XP, but with W2k, so should work.

Regards, Dave

THANKS...but they are both the same.. all firewalls off, filesharing on and am administrator on both comp.
Any other suggestions.


Would you please got to command prompt on each machine and run ipconfig /all and post results.

If you use command

ipconfig /all > pc.txt

results will be in file pc.txt, so you can attach or paste to here.

access denied errors in this scenario usually come from a permissions problem.

Right-click the folders containing the files and go to sharing permissions... try clicking the "allow users to modify my files" and click OK.

Can you see the files you want; you just can't access them?