I have been using a computer less than a year. I'm using a Windows XP.
The last several days my copy and paste are not working. I copy the address then I try to paste it, nothing shows up.

Today, in my Outlook Express, the delete quite working for awhile then
started working again.

This computer is only a month old. Is there a Microsoft-Fix It program or something that I could download to repair?

I appreciate any guidance!

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make sure you have your virus protection software updated, then run a full system scan.

if that doesn't work, try looking on the microsoft site and seeing if you can download the latest version of Outlook Express, then re-install it.

past that, i'll need some more information:

first, is this only happening in Outlook?

second, will copy/paste work from the menu?

third, if it does, plug a different keyboard in and see if that works.

fourth, if it doesn't, have you spent four hours on hold with microsoft today?

i strongly recommend against the fourth option. mainly because MS tech support people are very mean and misunderstanding people. also, thier only answer is 'update/upgrade/reinstall...' the reinstall i don't recommend. one broken microsoft program isn't going to be missed. get Thunderbird from mozilla if you need a mail program.

sorry, enough ranting from me. basically, i'm struggling to keep myself from scolding you for using outlook express, knowing that it's a good program, that just seems to constantly break on me too...


I have run a full scan and everything is okay.

The Outlook express was the delete not working. When I typed something & made a mistake and tried to delete a letter, it didn't respond. It was that way for hours and now it's working..go figure!

The copy and paste (right click on mouse) isn't working. I'm on a forum and use links and addresses from image hosters. I click on copy and when I go to the paste (address line on the forum) when I click paste there is no address, nothing. I've left lots of links before with no problem until about the last 4 days. I found out I can use the(contol + c for copy, and control + v for paste) but the other way was so much easier.

I had tried to use Thunderbird at one time but I couldn't figure out what to put in for the server that sends email out. I know the info must be in Outlook Express but darned if I could find it!!!

This keyboard couldn't be bad already, could it?

I do have a different mouse that I could try if you think that might help.

I do leave the computer on for hours when I'm not using it. Phone company charges a nickel for every dialup and I'm cheap! :)

I appreciate you help!


This happened to me with Office 7 and outlook . Its an easy fix, open word click on the office button. Open word Options. Click on Trust center, Click on trust center settings, enable all macros. Exit options check the program (copy and past something just for kicks) Close Word completely reopen follow steps again and change it back to the default setting (Disable All Macros with Notification). Works Like a champ! Williep

Thank you, but I am sure that after 4 years the OP has remedied the problem :).

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