Up until now, I've been able to login to update a Web Site I have with

ftp://www.sitename.ca as the address,

Now, all I get is

"Windows cannot access this folder. Make sure you typed the filename correctly or have permission to access this folder"

There were a couple of Automatic Windows Updates, however they were introduced prior to the Last Time I logged in.
Previously, what would happen when I went to log in, is that the name of a folder would be displayed, and then I would go to <file> <login> and it would bring up a window with the Username and I would enter the password, get logged in and do my stuff.

Now that folder that was previously listed is no longer listed and you would think that after doing this for a couple of years I would recall the name of that folder, but for the life of me I can't remember the name. except for the fact that the folder had a very short name.

My Web Developer said he had no trouble logging in so the problem is not on the other end. I suspect, that somehow this folder has gone missing. I did check by Trash Bin incase it was somehow deleted, but it's not there either.

Any Help/Suggestions/Ideas is greatly appreciated.


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I don't know if this will help, but have you checked your history (not to insult-but please let me know if you do not know how to do this)? Try looking at a time that you last accessed the ftp. You should be able to highlight the file. After you highlight you should be able to read the path and possibly see the folder you are looking for. That could give you the file name that you could then search for. Just an idea, and I am not sure that it would even work. Good luck to you!


Hi Itdupuis;
If you mean the UPDATE HISTORY yes, I did check it. The last update was done on May 15 and I was able to update (vai FTP) my data on MAY 31 two weeks AFTER the last update. So that doesn't seem to be the answer.
Now a slight change to the scenerio, is this,
I still get the "FTP FOLDER ERROR" Message, but now I can log-on (via FTP) and update my Web Page which is something I couldn't do before. So I'm a bit further ahead but would like to clear up the error message by either finding the folder and putting it back, or get FTP to stop looking for the folder.

Thanks for your help.../Phil


I was actually talking about internet history.........depending on how long you keep your pages in the history, I thought maybe you could look there for the file name. I forwarded you issue to a buddy of mine (not a member on Dani-Web). He works a ton with ftp sites (website builder, host, etc), and he thought this issue sounded familiar. If he comes up with some info, I will post it the minute that I get it. Have a good day!


One other thing I just thought to ask was if your web developer accesses the same folder you do. If he does, maybe he has the name of the missing folder (just a random thought that popped into my head)?

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