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That's IMPOSSIBLE ! How can you convert an audio file to an IMAGE file ????


I don't think you can convert mp3 audio to image, you can only convert video to image, or one image format to another.


aLL my mp3 files has been converted to jpeg image quite aften even after recoding. Please give me solution.

please try restating the problem? either we don't understand, or you misspelled something.

-curious -

are you trying to say that your music files all now have .jpg extentions? are they viewable images? WHAT PROGRAM DID YOU USE TO CONVERT THEM???


digitalrajanna Hasn't replyed to this thread since his 1st post. whic means he doesn't need any more help. which means: any of:
1. he fixed it
2. he realised he made a mistake and neglected to inform us
3. he is messing with us.
4. any, all, or none of the above (something else entirely)

What ever the case, I think we should all stop adding suggestions until he replies, because without his feedback, or someone else calling in with the same problem, suggestions to fix an (impossible) problem are pointless, and give this thread higher rankings than it deserves.

Well, that's just my opinion, anyway.

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