Does anyone know a software package similar to

but works for Windows PCs?

I do not have a Bluetooth enabled printer or Bluetooth printing adapter, which is why I am inquiring about a software based solution. I do have a Bluetooth enabled PC.

Thank you.

OK... just a quick question before we take this any further... (I just want to clarify...)

that piece of software is designed to print from PDA/Phone ->(BT connection)-> BT Computer ->(USB/Network Cable)-> non-BT Printer.

is this what you are trying to do?

you cannot go:

PC to non BT printer over bluetooth.

but you can buy an usb-IR connection dongle I believe. so maybe there is a BT dongle that converts a usb connection, too?

does that even make sense? I am too tired. See you in the morning. sorry.

Yes, that piece of software works as you described. I am trying to find a software solution, not a hardware solution though, so a dongle won't work.

I am not questioning your need for whether it is a software based, or a hardware based solution that you require. If you would like some help with your problem though, you are going to have to answer the following question:

What are you trying to print FROM?

in other words

are you trying to print from your PC to your printer via BT, or are you trying to print through (your PC to the printer) from (a PDA/Cell phone/Laptop etc)?

you need to read the info in the link in your signature .lol

you need to read the info in the link in your signature .lol


that post reads
"How To Ask Questions The Smart Way"

Good spotting CJ.