yesterday i was surfing the web when a pop up came up and said downloading something, it had disabled the x in the corner and the task manager. I turned the computer off and it will now not get past the windows xp loading page, it just restarts the computer. and to make matters worse i dont have a windows startup disc as it never came with the pc when i bought it about 2 years ago. Thanks for any help in advance.

Try to use System Restore. Start your computer and press F8 to display the Windows Advanced Options menu. Now, select the Safe Mode item from the menu and press [Enter].

Once Windows XP boots into Safe mode, click the Start button, go to All Programs > Accessories > System Tools menu, and select System Restore. Because you're running in Safe mode, the only option on the opening screen of the System Restore wizard is Restore My Computer To An Earlier Time, and it's selected by default, so just click Next. Then, follow along with the wizard to select a restore point(before the download incident) and begin the restoration procedure.

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If the good suggestion above will not fix your machine, as you don't have a Windows disc, go to the UBCD link in my signature and download and make a CD to boot your machine. With that disc you should be able to repair your machine.

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