Hello all members

i forget the password of my excel file which have very imp data. i must have to recover the file. kindly help me out to do so.


The password i usually use is up to 12 characters which includes * and capitalization of characters.

your help will be blessing for me.


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While I am sure that you are the legitimate owner of the file you need to access, but, if we give you information on how to access it, we also pass that information on to anyone else that reads this thread. Therefore Daniweb's rules are never to assist in bypassing passwords. Sorry, we can not assist.

Based on my rough estimation, it will take me at least 2485 years to decrypt it. The reason it takes so long is your password is 12 characters long, with capitals and also have special characters.

If your password "word" can be looked up in dictionary, then it might take much less time.

I want to help you as i feel your pain. But that's the best i can do.

what if i know the password somewhat but not 1 or 2 letters . i think i m confused with capitalization either its at start or its at an end. Now something can happen. please please please i need it badly. it have all my imp data.

and bob i m not asking to do anything illegal the forums is to solve problems if you think anyone can do it on other ways you can email me the stuff. at least the person who needs help should be provided. i hope you can understand.

We appreciate your willingness to contribute but please check the dates on posts before you respond to them This thread is more than two years old and it is likely that the original poster (OP) no longer needs help with this issue. Reviving this thread pushes more recent threads further down the list. If you continue to revive old threads you may be hit with an infraction.

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