XP Pro SP1 had been running fine with just the Administrator account, and one other account with administrator priviliges.
When I added a new user with the wizard, limited account, XP makes it to desktop with that account and then reboots.
The same happens with the guest account.
Previous accounts with admin rights still operate fine.

I created a new user account with administrator rights, logged onto it, and all was fine.
Logged off it, changed priviliges to limited, and when I logged back onto it, XP rebooted again.

Any help as to why I cannot create a new user account with limited access would be appreciated.
As I said, the original Admin account and user account both work fine through all of this.

I can find no reference to this happening before, the only this I can suggest is to create the account using control Panel-->Administrative Tools-->Computer Management instead of the wizard. It's a little more complex than the wizard but the help function is good if you get stuck. If the problem still exists try adding the user to another group like power users or backup operators or you could make a new group with the permissions you want and try it that way.

let us know how you get on.


I have seen this once, being a Linux man, i kinda laughed at microsoft, but hey they are awesome too. The problem I had was when using 2000, but its the sake issue. This happened to me when I was switching to a DOMAIN based network. I think what you must do is properly log in as "Administrator" and then, do as mentioned create the user, let it make his / her profile, Logout and it should be fine. If not, then XP at it again, who knows, maybe its becuase MIcrosoft likes to make thinks difficult for people.