For many years I have been using Borland Turbo C++ (version 3) to run a vital (to me) application. It has worked quite happily on 98SE and all my variants of XP Home (SP1, SP2 and SP3). The last time it worked was 18 September, and now I find that neither the application nor the compiler will run.
The file ntvdm.exe is the 16-bit Virtual Machine, and I can see this starting, using Process Explorer, and then stopping almost immediately.
I can only assume that a "fix" installed since then has caused it to stop working. Can anyone shed some light on what M$ have been up to, and why?
I am in the process of converting the program to use Visual C++, but I would like to keep the old version running for as long as possible.
(There is no conversion utility between version 3 and any of the higher versions of Turbo C++ so it is just as easy(!) to convert to VC++ as it would be to use the latest Turbo C++ product)

I received a reply from a private list that said that running notepad.exe from a cmd prompt opened a window for notepad. I tried this and it did, and when I tried my applications they worked both from the cmd line and from windows. So the problem has gone away, but I don't know why it happened in the first place.

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