I was downloading a big file and I got a message on the bottom of the screen that said "low disk space".

Well this has happened before and I just paused the download and move and delete some files.

Before I could do it the download finished and i had 38 mb left in my f drive, I look at the drives and space is being freed up without me doing anything. A lot of space I ended up with an extra 7 gb in my c drive and 5 in my f drive.

Question is what was deleted? I have no idea I checked all the main programs that i use and their good where did all the free space come from.

note: I recently deleted alot of old stuff from my cpu and did some maintenance on it, just minor do it yourself maintenance. I thought I freed up as much space as i could a week ago

Appreciate some advice Thank you

when you clicked on "low disk space", it executes the disk cleanup for the specific drive. So I think the disk cleanup is executed and freed up the space for you. Generally compressed files occupying more space on disk, that would be cleanup since you not cleanedup the compressed file for a long time. I think this should be not in your list of maintenanace?. Check out...

Hope this helps!