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I can help you if you give me more details...Are you connecting to your own router, or a public access point? (Or your neighbor's?)


You do need a wireless router... :) with its wireless function turned on. So you do that with a LAN connection.
In your router page [192.-.-.-], turn on the wireless access point, note the name [SSID], allow broadcast of the SSID, turn security off for the moment.
Tell your sys the SSID if your router does not broadcast the SSID; if it does, your pc should see it and report it as a connection option.

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hey buddy,

ur problem seems to be more on related to windows xp itself.
If u r in US or Canada , then u can call me at ,.
I provide free technical help after my work hours as it is my hobby.


The Pc guy

hi,we really recommend keeping the help on site ,you should not list your ph #

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