i was just wondering how to make windows XP shut down my computor automaticaly

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like at a specific time or after a certain ammount of time?

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C:\Documents and Settings\Dominick>shutdown
Usage: shutdown [-i | -l | -s | -r | -a] [-f] [-m \\computername] [-t xx] [-c "c
omment"] [-d up:xx:yy]

No args Display this message (same as -?)
-i Display GUI interface, must be the first option
-l Log off (cannot be used with -m option)
-s Shutdown the computer
-r Shutdown and restart the computer
-a Abort a system shutdown
-m \\computername Remote computer to shutdown/restart/abort
-t xx Set timeout for shutdown to xx seconds
-c "comment" Shutdown comment (maximum of 127 characters)
-f Forces running applications to close without war
-d [p]:xx:yy The reason code for the shutdown
u is the user code
p is a planned shutdown code
xx is the major reason code (positive integer le
ss than 256)
yy is the minor reason code (positive integer le
ss than 65536)

C:\Documents and Settings\Dominick>

those are the switches for the shutdown command. you can from the control panel set up a scheduled task to execute the shutdown command at a certain time of day.

Damn, you beat me to it :D

Damn, you beat me to it :D


Didn't the thread subject ask how to do it automatically?

how do i auto-shut down windows XP?

In the Control Panel go to Scheduled Tasks launch the wizard and where it gives you the option to browse go to C:\windows\system32 for the name of the file you can use the shutdown executable as mentioned above and schedule it to run whenever you want. Just don't forget it's there!

Use The tool named 'Dshutdown' From the link below, its a freeware and its much easier and safer as compared to tweaking and playing with the system internals ;)

Thanks for this utility site :)


The XP shutdown utility can programmed to schdeule but you must use the SYSTEM acount to run the task in Windows task scheduler. If you use your own account it is unlikely to run.

Just type SYSTEM and Windows will prepend the full account name NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM. Then it will run just fine.

No need for 3rd party tools to download, Windows has it all ready to use.

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