Anyone experience hang-up while installing windows XP? The keyboard just blink and lights were off and on the screen it stop on the [Enter] to continue [R] Repair and so on.... Please help what should I do? I repeated the same process almost 9x already.

i did experience before and the culprit was the hard disk. but i don't ask you to buy a new hdd it could be other problem.
But if you got another hdd it's worth to try. :)
Good luck!

Hi, dnomyar...
I also faced same problem few months ago.
You have to check that your PC's SMPS might be thrused..
Please check it and review again if still any problem.

Good Luck..

David Aldrich
IPhone developer

@cguan_77, that's my suspect actually but I don't bother to drive into it because the HDD is new. But will it be worth to scandisk the whole drive prior to installing OS will that help?

@iphoned11, what's PC's SMPS ?

if it's a new hdd then it might not be the problem...i did encountered before during the win98 time..that upon installation it always hang and doesn't continue to install. And I fouind out that the processor was faulty..

But it could be due to a lot of reasons, your disc might be faulty also make sure it has no scratches.

BTW, is this a new PC? have you ever installed OS before to this machine?

i think iphoned11 is talking about your power's worth to check also your power supply.. :)

same problem I check the hdd now no bad clusters and power supply is working fine. help please.

thanks for exchanging ideas. I solved already the problem when I plug my computer to a separate power outlet and the installation works fine.... so finally the problem is on the power outlet.