hey guys i got a quick question, i downloaded a avi file and when i play it it plays for like 10 seconds then starts skipping. when i pause it it clears up for about 4 more seconds then starts doin it again. what should i do to fix it.

ohh and im using vlc media player

How about other video formats, do they play smooth, or also Skippy. Is it only the screen that skips, or sound as well?

There may be various reasons as to why it skips, like it may be a bad video file, or your pc cpu is too high on playback, you may have the wrong codec, or your drivers needs updating.

well its most of the videos that i view, unless its a dvd that doesnt skip. it never skipped before so i thought that it might be the cpu doin something in the backround. also the video that it currently does it on is any naruto episode during the action parts. and the fast moving sections