Hello all Folks,

Its been a long time since I am posting something here. My problem is, when I am connecting my computer to the internet, the website of my ISP is opening. Every time I connect to the internet, this site is opening which is now really making me irritating. I don't want to open that thing. So how can I prevent my browser from completely opening that site?

I have tried restricted sites and content advisory settings in Internet Explorer. Also I have tried modifying windows host file. But nothing is working fully as what I want. Its blocking the site but not preventing the browser from opening it.

What I want is to stop my browser to open that site whenever I connect to the internet. I just don't want to see my browser opened up. I want it will open only when I click on the option. That's all.

I hope some positive response will come in my way. Waiting for some quick response.

P.S. I have two browsers in my pc currently. Internet Explorer 6 and Mozilla Firefox 3.6 (with persona)

Thanks for all the suggestions in advance...


Is your home page in IE or firefox (which ever is the defaiult) set to be the ISP website? If so change it to a site that you want or even to your own computer. That will prevent it going to the ISP website.

Thanks buddy for your reply....but for your kind information, this issue is not as simple as you thought and replied in that context.....if just changing default home page could work, i wouldn't post any silly and stupid question like this here......i think you haven't understood my problem....anyways for your consideration i am making a brief here....

no the website is not set as default home page in both of my browsers....IE has blank and firefox has google.com (which was set by me).....apart from this, i have already blocked that site...but that doesn't what i need to....

its blocking the site but NOT PREVENTING THE BROWSER FROM OPENING IT....u understand it???....whenever i connect, the browser(default) is opening but it can't display the site as i blocked it....but what i want that whenever i connect no browser will open....that is all what i wanted to do....hope i have clarified it this time properly...

anyways thnks for ur rply....get me back with ur handly suggestions if u get anything on ur side...

thnks and regards

I think you may have to edit your 'hosts' file in windows so that when the browser tries to go to the site (that you have entered in the hosts file) it is redirected by your 'hosts' file to in fact its own machine. at the limit of my knowledge but do look up to use of the 'hosts' file. google it!

At last i have managed to solve the issue......thanks to all who have viewed or replied to my request.....finally THIS THREAD IS SOLVED AND NOW CLOSED....

Thanks and Regards
Shouvik :)