Hi all,

Just wanted your opinion on which security suite to run on my new Windows 7 Dell Studio 8100 (Intel i7 CPU) machine. The machine came with McAffee Security Center as standard and it seems a decent program, but they don't offer anything in the way of browser virtualization, which was a feature of ZoneAlarm Extreme Security Forcefield that I have always liked. ZoneAlarm did, however, slow down my 2003 era Dell 8300 XPS slightly, in terms of booting the PC and browser, and shutting down.

Does anyone here run Extreme Security with browser virtualization on a Windows 7 machine? Does it slow down the opening of the Internet browser, or slowdown or hang the boot up or shutdown of the PC? I've always liked the inredible speed of this pc, and I don't want to screw that up without good reason.

Which one do you think I should stay with?


Peace out and God bless.

all antivrus software slow down computers quite a lot some more than other but im not sure.

i've used both programs before and i dont like zone alarm i would stick to mcafee

whatever you decide to do check that they are compatible with windows 7 because a lot of software is not.

i suggest you 2 anti virus , Norton and avast.
if you want full Security then install Norton but it slow down your computer. and if you want your computer speed then install avast.but here some more feature come with avast like boot scan, on access scan. choose as your need.

Like most security programs, ZoneAlarm Extreme Security one provides full system scans for viruses and spyware. You can schedule scans daily, weekly or monthly. ZoneAlarm provides kernel level virus protection and updates their definitions often.