I have a Win 7 64 bit machine that has Outlook 2007 on it. The Outlook is standalone there is no Exchange Server. When we moved from our old XP computer to the new computer we moved over the 2 Outlook PST files as well as the .NK2 files.

I am having the problem that when I create a new email message and click on the "To" button, the contact list comes up blank. If I start typing the address I see the frequently used address show up. If I click on the Contacts tab, I do see all my contacts. I have tried searching to find what to do on this. Anything that has seemed worthwhile has always directed me to an option is that is greyed out so I cannot use it.

I would really appreciate any suggestions or ideas on what to check, change, etc.

Thanks in advance

I had this problem once when I re-installed Windows and Office. I can't remember exactly how I solved it, but it was something to do with Outlook looking in the wrong place for the file. Have you tried importing from the file you've saved?

Yes, I did try the import, but it did not change anything.

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