im trying to install linux on my external hard drive and i dont have access to burn a cd. I mounted the .iso with daemon tools to install but im not seeing a way to install it without putting it on a cd to boot up from startin up windows.

so i dont know if theres one out there which id be shocked if there wasnt, but is there a boot program that lets u do a virtual kind of boot while in windows? or maybe something in dos that lets me access this. im in windows 2000. i just need to install this linux for another computer im dealing with.

any help is welcome.

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I don't know about virtual boots but if you have two computers mount the linux cd in one,network them and try to boot from LAN in the one you want linux on.

Alternatively most linux distro's will send a free cd and just charge you shipping or for the cd.I think Kubuntu ship totally free and it's KDE based so a good one to switch to straight from windows

[search]Virtual PC[/search]


It's free too (and Microsoft made).

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