I've had Mcafee protection for about five years but have decided to change to AVG rather than pay again for Mcafee.

Is there anything I should be aware of, before changing? I've read on DaniWeb that no-one should have 2 AV programs running at the same time, so I take it I remove Mcafee first then download AVG? I've also heard rumours that it is difficult to remove Mcafee entirely - anyone had experience of this?

I have a Dell 3000, with Windows XP 2002 home edition. The Mcafee package I use contains their SecurityCenter, VirusScan, Personal Firewall, SiteAdvisor, Anti-Spam, and Parental Controls. I also use Spybot SD.

Does their Firewall disable the Windows one? So will I have to manually turn on the Windows firewall after removing Mcafee?

Any thoughts, hints, tips or horror stories gratefully received!

Thanks in advance....

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Thank you 04ayasin.
The link you posted makes removing Mcafee look easy - I hope it proves to be!

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