Me again and finally finished the computer i built! but there's only 1 problem and its pretty big.. (i have VISTA HOME PREMIUM 64 bit)

when i first installed vista it worked like a charm no problem! but then i started installing drivers
which include the g9 and g15 keyboard and mouse Logitec driver the GeForce 8 series graphics driver the mother board driver and the raid driver
well the raid driver made my comp have 1 of 2 blue screens 0x0000007e which i fixed by doing last good config and uninstalling it. after i did that i got the 0x000000a (IRQL conflict i think) i thought i fixed this buy installing the video card driver because i have 2 of them SLI bridged and i thought they both would be using the same interrupt code which is causing the error.

Here's the real problem thought i have a Linksys WMP54G(crap) and of course Microsoft says USE IT WITH VISTA 64x bit IT WORKS :D but of course it doesn't and linksys doesnt have a driver for 64 bit then i did some research about it cause i was pissed i bought a networking card that doesn't work. I read on the Linksys forums that the creator of the chip set released a driver for that chip set which makes it work. so i of course, i downloaded it and like a dumbass installed it .... I restarted my comp and what do you know ! it greeted me with a blue screen!!! 0x0000007e again!

so i tried safemode and it gave me the blue screen

i tried last good config = BSOD

every option gave me the BOSD
so i resorted to my final option reinstall vista right?
WRONG when i tried to boot up vistas installer from the cd it gave me the BSOD same error which makes NO sense becuase its not using any drivers

I mean i have NO idea whats the problem im clueless i will try any thing

please keep in mind i cannot start up the computer so i cant do run commands and vista cd wont work.

does this sound like i should remove the Linksys card? i know nothing overheated cause i keep my thing uber cooled like 84 F

also keep in mind that every thing was working untill the networks driver install

(no newbie awnsers please i dont want HAVE U TRIED RESTARTING IT because thats obvious that i have tried that :P)

EDIT: now im getting both errors the IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL 0x000000A error i really dont know why this would happen maybe my videos cards cant be bridged ? there both 8600GT Geforce but ones 1gb of Graphics memory and the other one is 512GB of Graphical memory ?? can that cause a problem?

also the Safe mode freezes on the CRCdisk.sys driver and when i boot it like start windows normally i get the 0x000000A error and when i do safe mode its the 0x0000007e Error!!!

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no one?

Hmm. I have a couple ideas, but I need some more information (I've had a similar problem in the past). Could you list off your system specs?

When I had this problem it was a combination of faulty 32x drivers (instead of 64x) and not enough power being supplied to my system in general (fried my video card because of this).

My guess is the single video card at full load will take at least 200-250w (not including both of them... I have no idea to be honest).

As for the network card driver causing the problem I couldn't tell you clearly what the problem could be, but it could be that this driver is either not made for 64x (which ruins other drivers in some cases) or is eating resources needed by other drivers (such as the video card). Maybe the network card is eating that much power (unlikely, but possibly)?

Not saying you did in any means, but you may have already burnt up some silicone.

sys specs are 3 ghz core 2 duo intel
750i sli nforce mother board
4 x 1gb ocz reaper ram ddr2
2 x 8600gt geforce (ones 1 gb Graphical memory the other is 512mb)
WMP54g Wireless adapter Linksys
power supply is 750 watts
150 sata hd and a 500 sata HD

The was one issue with the 150 sata hd

before i got vista i had another motherboard that worked fine with all this but i had xp on it and the 150 sata was full

so i wanted vista so i got a new MB and installed vista well tried and it couldnt detect that i had XP on the 150 Sata HD but it could boot in XP

i tried to upgrade from XP to vista but it didnt let me cause it couldnt find XP and said that 150 GB out of 150GB was free which was weird cause it obviously wasnt so i had to wipe both HDs for vista to install.

well please post solutions and and ideas that pop in your head cause im willing to try alot except anything that has a high risk of breaking the MB cause i hate replaceing the mother board
( i could care less about the other thangs)

im going to be for now cause its 1 in the morning but ill get back on this fourm tomarrow ( or today :P ) and try the options out! thx for all your help !! and thank you Psychictide for all the help!

From what I see your motherboard and PSU (what brand of power supply do you have?) should be able to support this setup with no major complications. I'm currently looking into the difference of compatibilities for different MBs supported for dual SLi on your specific motherboard... I'll have a few people look into it (any chance one of your video cards are 32x?).

So the problem you had was with the 150 SATA... did you eventually reformat this HDD with Vista though?

The only hope is to help and not hinder :).

Time ran out on edits...
Also, what brand of motherboard are you using (EVGA, ASUS, NVIDIA)?
You should still be OK with any of these though... more for specifics.

I have a NVida mother board and yes i did reformat both HD's the 150 and the 500

the video cards i have no idea i mean they worked with vista when i installed the driver before but now it

the video card driver is from the web site because the cd that came with the video card told me to go there and download the drivers. i downloaded the 64 bit driver

one of the video cards is GeForce® 8600 GT 1024MB DDR2 Standard

the other one is XFX 8600 GT 512MB DDR2 Standard PV-T84J-YAJG

OK and never mind the power is only 680 watt and the brand name is APEVIA Iceberg power its the one that's luminescent because my computer has a clear blue plastic case with blue leds inside so it glows :D

What order did you load the drivers? You have to remember that certain drivers need to be loader before others (for example chip set and turbeo cache need to be loaded before ANYTHING else - including before GPU drivers - or else will fail. Wireless DRIVERS before either wireless console OR Bluetooth.

The order you installed drivers could prove rther helpul in diagnosing problem :)

i installed mother board first then mouse and keyboard then gpu and network

i installed mother board first then mouse and keyboard then gpu and network

OK - not quite that helpful, as I'm sure there were plenty more drivers than that.... TurboCache?? Audio drivers?? (make sure you have latest drivers as earlier driver builds were essentially "patched" XP builds, and prone to BSODing Vista). Chipset updates (you'll definitely want those to streamline with Vista x64)... etc.

Here's the real problem thought i have a Linksys WMP54G(crap) and of course Microsoft says USE IT WITH VISTA 64x bit IT WORKS but of course it doesn't and linksys doesnt have a driver for 64 bit then i did some research about it cause i was pissed i bought a networking card that doesn't work.

Luckily Linksys don't actually manufacture the chipset running the device... and the company which does actually does provide the x64 drivers you need :)

Just 'cause felt like being nice, googled "Linksys WMP54G driver x64".... which led me here, which gives very clear info on getting you Wireless Card to work on Vista x64.

Now this site refers you to Ralink's (the actual dev of the wireless chipset) front page, but here's the direct link to the DL page, as their site is not the easiest to find anything in.

Now I don't actually have device personally, but given that the installer still ran all the way through on my Win7 x64 system, looks perfectly compatible with the x64 environ.

As to other drivers, if your system IS compatible with TurboCache (your specs not listed), GET THAT - the latest driver builds available directly from Intel. Bad news is that if it is compatible with your hardware, and you don't have drivers currently installed, you're looking at a fresh Vista install (not MS fault, but rather a known quirk at Intel's end), or will tell you "you need a more recent build of Windows".... is even more laughable getting this same error message on Win7. If is installed however, can update drivers any time without the stupid error message. Given the added stability having those drivers installed and better memory extension, really is a must have.

GPU drivers - Vista x64 does become a limiting factor of requiring SIGNED drivers for Vista x64 (greatly phased out for the most part in Win7x64)... look here for latest nVidia GPU drivers (yes I know site aimed at notebook drivers, but is actually for ANY OEM release. To use the more recent unsigned drivers, firstly follow help on replacing the "INF" file, and use this utility to sign the damned thing yourself... VERY handy utility :)

ALSO, running x64, would check you have the latest BIOS updates as well, but make sure you get the RIGHT ONE FOR YOUR EXACT MODEL OR WILL KILL YOUR SYSTEM.

Hope that all solves your difficulties. Give a shout if need more tuning :cool:

Oh, forgot to mention, with Vista or Win7, there really isn't any need to install drivers for either mouse or keyboard. Often 3rd party apps and drivers actually make those peripherals less useful and/or stable than simply using the default plug-and-play drivers already built into Windows.

thanks for the info but u forgot that i cannot even start up windows its BSOD every time it starts up

do you not have access to system restore feature that would allow the opportunity to roll back to an earlier config?

In my experience, the BSOD on startup is due to any (or all) of the following causes:

Two or more devices are claiming the same memory space or addresses the wrong memory space and zaps the kernel.

RAM is physically misbehaving.

The drivers are wrong and are addressing the wrong memory space.

The RAM thing is the least likely in the situation you describe but should not be ruled out.

So what to do?

I would go back to as vanilla an installation as possible. This means removing the network card and puttin just one half of the nVidia combo. If you still get the BSOD on boot, then buy a cheap video card and put that in.

You can move forward from there. If iy's still BSOD, then RAM might be suspect. Use just one stick and see what happens.

There's a case for trying to do all this in safe mode to keep device drivers to a minimum.

Best of ...

Try making an UBUNTU live CD. Hope it helps!

Oh, and it should work... If it wont boot up, it will still give you a log of what has gone wrong and will suggest a few things to try out.

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