Well here is my story, and if anyone can help me find a cure I will be forever gratefull. The other day I was surfing a flash code site and had 3 viruses attack my pc. I run symantec and it caught them. then I started getting pop up advertisement pages. So of course the usual methods I pursued. I ran my symantec virus scanner, then Lavasoft's ad-aware scanner. Lavasoft did not find anything, which I knew was wrong due to the pop up pages I kept getting. I downloaded spybot and ran it. It cleaned up a fdew things, but I still had the pop-ups. Then my syamentec anti-virus wouldn't load. So I uninstalled symantec then went to find a diff. scanner. Next I went to an online virus scanner. Kavensdale* or something like that. It told me I had a couple of viruses that symantec missed, but I couldnt find them on my hard drive. Except for one .dll that I removed. At this point I re-installed symantec and scanned again. Nothing. So now my browsers start to crawl...typing this is taking about 15 min. It keeps freezing as I type. I do a search for a different spyware other that lavasoft and spybot, these aren't cutting it. I got rid of the pop-ups but now my browsing is worse than dial-up. I found a program by uniblue. Spyware eraser. So I bought the suite with the registry booster and speed my pc3. I ran the spyware scans and got rid of alot more spyware. But my browser is still crawling. I'm out of ideas and need help.

Thanks in advance

Please delete this thread. I have read thru all the instruction pages on cleaning and even the link to the page on how to ask for help. I feel like an idiot now. Sorry this is in the wrong place. I'll post a question as close to correctly as I can after I have exhausted all the helpful info that is already provided and I still have a problem.

Thanks and Sorry