I want to convert my windows xp desktop pc into a 3 monitor viewing station setup. Im not sure if just adding a hub and connecting additional monitors and mice will do the job. Im trying to accomplish the following:

have 1 pc with windows xp connected to main monitor to edit and download images.

Connect 3 monitors to same pc with mice.

once images have been edited and sorted into categories in my pictures folder, Id like the three additional monitors to be able to view the images independently from each other.

If some kind of restriction can be put on 3 monitors so images cannot be deleted or moved that would be a big help.

There will be adults and kids looking at pics from each of the 3 viewing stations.

Is this possible? What hardware and or software would I need to accomplish this? Would a simple hub to connect the monitors and mice be all I need for hardware?

How would I limit access and privileges from people on 3 monitors to only view images and not delete or move them to other folders?

Thank you for your help and suggestions.

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sounds like a wild dream, especially the part about restricting people from doing certain things.

for me i have never seen one computer hooked to 3 monitors ,i have the ability to hook 4 computers to 1 monitor with one keyboard and mouse ,with a KVM switch ,


i think first you would be looking at a very expensive video card to be able to
hook 3 monitors too,also some seem to say you could have one AGP video card with two connections and then install a pci video card and hook 3rd one to that ,but you might run into conflicting drivers .
splitter for 3 monitors .I think software will allow 3 different things to be displayed on them.


and for all 3 to have different mice and keyboard ,not sure if that possible.


windows dosen't act well wit h2 mice install ,they battle each other !lol

remember www.google.com is you friend .just ask it a question

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