Hello everyone, I am running Exchange 2007 and outlook 2003. I have a user who created a folder and filled it with emails. She then wished to send the entire folder to another user. Is there a simple way to transfer the folder from one mailbox to another?

Thank you.

Hi: In Outlook's main window: file > import and export ... > export to a file > save exported file as ... select personal folder file (pst)> in select folder to export from, have the user select the folder she filled with emails > in save exported files as type a file name, and save it to someplace easily findable ... like the desktop > finish button.

The file on the desktop (or wherever) will be named something.pst. Zip that file up, send it to the user who needs the files, and have that person use the same process in reverse (Outlook main window > file > import and export, only now choose import, etc) to import it.

Hope this helps.

Yeah. It's good one Luise. You also helped out me. It's working fine for me.

Hi, I think you can try a software called WinPST Share Outlook. It is a software for sharing Outlook data. You can just grant access rights for that other user to the email folder. Then, after synchronizing, the email folder will appear in that user's Outlook.

If my answer is useful to you, please check: http://www.winpst.com

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