o.k i have Windows XP home currently installed, becasue im too lazy to install Windows XP pro, because id ont want to reinstall the drivers, but whihch is better (OVERALL) ?


there is no "best", at most there might conceivably be a "best" for a specific purpose under specific conditions.

Personnally I think Windows XP Pro is the best, and you can mail me your legit copy if you don't need it.

XP is the most up to date version of the Windows Desktop OS family, and I think that compatibility with the greater world of IT, means it is the only OS for my requirements.

Also having slightly worked with Windows 2003, it is an amazing piece of kit, and it gives so many possibilities for a business network, (although some might argue it makes things easier rather than adds content).

I think jwenting's comment is pretty conclusive for your question, and elloquently put.

I say that no time-sharing operating system is even good, let alone best. My real-time applications require the program to have complete control. So I vote for the operating system on the Tandy Color Computer.


I like old-fashioned games, so would say that my Atari 2600 VCS would be best, and I love playing frogger on it.


Depends on what you use it for... or how darn tired you are of Windows' stupidity

Slackware does what I want all of the time

Don't like slack? There are somewhere around 300 other linuxes to choose from

XP was a monkey on my poor VIA Cyrix III (big time hog!!!) Killed windows switched to linux. Have done things in linux that I would never dream of doing in windows. How can it be the best if you have to patch it a million times? Antivirus and firewall? Hehe... I don't use 'em. What about office and web and mail? Most linux distributions come with office and everything that can even save to MS formats. If you encounter a bug in Windows (all of the time) Send error report?
Baloney!!! does Microsoft care? Noo!!!! They're not gonna change anything! (sorry for shouting) Linux is Fun!!! At least for me. If you use a program does not have Linux solutions like MS Access (I think), then go ahead and use windows.

Windows has got some great stuff goin' with the .exe and all so Kudos!!! But, I can't re install XP more than four times!!!! If I cahnge my hardware too much,,, oops can't reinstall, there goes $200. Linux if free as in Freedom!!! No charge, gents. And thousands (possibly millions of people) out there ready to help you with any problem you may encounter. I switched because I got tired of Windows.

Linux Rules thanks for listening. (post back, it'll be fun!)

slackwarebilly :p

Linux definetly. It is much better than Windows in MANY, MANY ways.

Neither is better than the other,

In my every day work, I could not get along with out several windows programs.(Photoshop comes to mind, and don't even try to tell me the gimp is that good).

But, as far as things go, I work mostly with linux enviroments externally though SSH.

For a desktop? I wouldn't ever use Linux as my home desktop for my main workstation.
Servers, Depends on the application, php, mysql, I'd run linux, unless I needed to run .net apps too then, its onto Win2k3 and IIS and Apache or IIS with PHP as an ISAPI Filter.

It really depends on your usage and what you are used to, do you like playing modern up to date games, like WoW, or Gunbound, or other fancy games that rely on DirectX most of the time?

Stick to Windows, its much easier to manage in the long run.

Linux isn't better, its another solution for another problem, period.

A point not yet made here is that Windows XP Pro is not really a 'better' OS than XP Home Edition unless you have a need to connect the system to a complex network. For just about any other purpose, including operation in a simple network environment, the two are either identical or can be configured to act like each other by changing settings. For most purposes, changing from XP Home to XP Pro is a complete waste of money!

Comments about no OS being 'better' than any other except in relation to specific circumstance or task are ones I'd endorse. In fact, I'd add the comment that asking such open-ended questions is beyond meaningless and into 'troublesome' territory, because it invites responses from silly people who seem hell-bent on arguing simply for the sake of it, even though the argument itself has no point!

One important (to me) difference between Home and Pro is that Home does not allow you to Remote Desktop to it.

i just want to state that anyone who sais that linux is by far more secure, has no idea what they are saying. Security in any operating system is a myth. there are by far more windows users than linux, so people spend more time trying to crack through windows because they can affect a larger target group. One thing about hackers (and i use that term loosely) is that they (again this is a generalization and not a everyone is this way) want to be known in that everyone is worried about some new virus, but they dont know WHO or HOW its getting around. if someone launched a massive linux virus...well the public wouldnt care because of how little it would affect....

it would be like...blow up small building in remote town in the middle of nowhere, or blow up a large building in the middle of a large city.

The fact of the matter is, that if any one "hacker" sat down and spent time at an OS, they could crack and abuse the hell out of it, but the reason they pick windows is because they know it will get more attention, and there is already a larger group of people working against windows because most of the good virus writers understand what i am talking about.

About the nobody cares about the Send an Error Report...in actuallity microsoft dedicates time to reading those and finding out what happend and how it was caused, but patches to things like that aren't released in small patches that you get, those are for any new security hole or any hole that was found but not exploited yet.

And most of the time, when a problem goes wrong with an OS, its the users fault and not the PC's. I have been using windows for my entire life and the only problems i have had with my PC were my own fault.

I have also setup a few linux machines and run them. Linux is alot of fun yes, but its more for the person that is more in touch with how a computer works, and how a DOS prompt in windows would work. (linux is heavy text based, and even the new UI and GUI in linux require heavy typing to install and use things).

Linux is for those that need it, linux is not like windows, as windows is both a want and a need. People want windows because it can play music and do all the fun things like games and internet and all that jazz. Most people NEED linux because they want to run a server or do somthing that the general public would not do with a common machine.

Its evident that linux is built for those in mind that want to run on the technical end. shoot there text based editor comes with a built editor for many different languages. Linux even comes with packages for doing programming and server work. which is not somthing that comes on windows, because thats not somthing the general public is interested in.

They want the content deliverd to them, they dont want to have to make it.

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windows xp is the best

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you can also play music and video, internet, messaging, ... in Linux. Linux have a great desktop very user fredly. Linux is no more only for run servers.
and is more secure just because there is much less virus that runs on linux.

I always use linux in my home for all things. I only use winXP to play Pro Evolution Soccer 4

you can also play music and video, internet, messaging, ... in Linux. Linux have a great desktop very user fredly. Linux is no more only for run servers.
and is more secure just because there is much less virus that runs on linux.

did you even read what i said about the viruses and such? its not more secure, it just has a smaller user base so the number of viruses are thus alot smaller.

its still plain and obvious that linux is more for the tech oriented people that are looking to do things that most dont.

and its still very obvious that linux was not made for games as it has almost no games out for it, and the only way to get a storebought brand name game to play is with the use of a windows emulator.