Error ASP =2010081175040 This comes up in a Window in IE 8.0 I cant close this window permanantly if I right click it does close but it keeps coming back...Is there a fix on this ?

..try to uninstalling your IE 8.0 or scan your computer for malwares & spywares..if it is still showing, then try to repair your operating System..i hope it helps!..^_^..

no spyware or mal ware. How do I un install IE 8 and re install?

-__- how do you uninstall IE 8? are you being serious?... Click on control panel, then add remove programs, than double click on IE 8. Than using a different browser, download it and reinstall it.

I can appreciate what you are saying and yea I was going to un install that however, in doing so there a bunch of programs dependant on IE 8....The TAB which is bothering me has an error on it. Maybe I should ask if there is a work around on the tabs on ie 8 essence so only 1 tab shows at a time?