I have a dell Studio 540 that default came with Vista 64bit but I went back to XP, the Ethernet controller they have for download on their website is for Vista only, is there one for XP?


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I tried looking for the drivers on dell... and it does have your model there.....

can you provide us with a link where your trying to download the drivers from???


Do you know what Realtek card is in the pc. the above link is for the ethernet and fast ethernet cards (8100). I think the studio 540 comes with gigabit ethernet. The below driver might be better however you should find out what the card is and google it for the correct driver.


Have a look at the dell drivers page..... and then down to ethernet.... and then it has the name of it.... and it is a realtek device... view here

So my link, will probably work.

Tell me what your service tag is and ill look

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