Okay, I have Microsoft Windows Vista. I also have a Hitachi Ultravision camcorder. (Yes, I know camcorders are old). I put a DVD-RW in it, and took some videos earlier. And now I am wondering how i can put the files on my computer. I though it would be simple and I would just take out the SD card and put it in the computer, and that's it. But the camcorder doesn't save my files (photos and videos) to the SD card. So then i tried to put the little DVD-RW into the cd slot on the computer. Then i went to the "My Computer" icon and saw that it said 0 bytes free of 1.36 gb. Here's a short video of how it looks on my computer if you want to view:

So i don't know what to do. I tried to google download ImageMixer3, which the manual said you should donwnload in order to put files on the computer from the dvd-rw, but every site i go to says it is an 'updater' which i don't need. I need the actual official downoad for it. I don't know. Maybe i should download something else, idk. Thanks everyone. (:

PS, I don't have the manual or the cd that came with it, i wish i did lol. Thanks (:

Maybe you haven't finalize the DVD yet from your camcorder or the video files in your DVD is hidden... Try to check them both first

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