After installing the updates for windows vista, I can't download any files from the internet like a microsoft document attached to my e-mail, a pdf file and online games from the internet.Eventhough the download runs as normal and saved to a specific location, the file is not completely downloaded and no where to be found. The file is not downloaded at all!!!
I tried with different sorts of trusted programs like skype, antivirus but still I can't download the program.
I got so frustrated and I totally don't know anything much about troubleshooting my own laptop.I tried to contact the microsoft online support but I can't get any answers from there!!
Please help me, I don't know what is causing the problem, I did read some online forums and some stated it could be the antivirus AVG(which I had installed the trial version or the updates that I am running). Why is microsoft is not responding and fixing this problem?Please to anyone out me...

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Hmmm seems like you have faced a lot of problems due to that..
Here is what you can try....

Type 'Services' in the start search box...
Locate the service Windows installer....
Check the status... It should be Enabled & Started automtically...
If it is the same i've stated... Right click on the same & Restart the service & let me know what happens...:)

You could go back to the system restore point before Vista was updated and see if it works (as it presumably did before)
You would go into Control Panel/System/System Protection

Then go forward with the System Restore button.

Hi there again,
I had tried what you suggested, but still it didn't work after I had click the system restore button.Is it because of the previous updates that slow down the download or it could be other factors?
Anyway, thank u so much for both of your help.If the technician still can't solve my problem tommorow and want me to reformat, I might be switching to another operating system.This windows vista is giving me so much headache and I am not the only one complaining.Even the online support didn't help much.

Hi there!
I had restarted the service windows updater but still it didn't work.The same problem still presists and the file is not saved into my computer after the download.Thank u for your respond

Have you tried Firefox? When you download something with firefox a box comes up with what you are downloading, try clicking on what you have downloaded and it should come up.

Can you still get anti-virus updates and windows updates?

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