Running Vista on cox and Firefox.
also have a wireless LAN with a IBM laptop running XP also on firefox.

I get Server not found errors repeatedly on both computers. However, the frequency is random. The computer, either one, may error 10 or more times in a row, then not at all for the rest of a session. It may occur on the first log on of the day or late in the evening. totally random. If Firefox can't load I've tried IE with the same results.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

I usually look for the oldest unanswered threads and try to help with those. I saw this thread yesterday, and didn't answer because of the wide range of issues that could cause it. It may take some time, but I'll try to help.

If I understand correctly, you have two machines that are both connected wirelessly and they have trouble getting connected and also drop their connections. This type of problem is usually cause by interference. If I were able to, I would connect a computer to the LAN via a patch cable to verify that the problem is only with wireless clients. If that is something you can do, you should.

Often, wireless phones work on the 2.4GHz range. It can even be phones or devices in your neighborhood. A dead give-away to a interference issue is that the signal indicator will fluctuate from three or four bars to zero, or it will fluctuate when you are within a few feet of the access point.

There are a few things you can try:
-Change your access point channel from the usual default of 6, to channel 1 or 11
-Add more access points with the same SSID, Authentication type, and encryption key.
-Turn off any wireless phones and unplug the base temporarily for troubleshooting.

That should get you started. Let us know what you find out, and we will take it from there. If anything I have written doesn't make sense, please ask for clarification.

Good Luck