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One of my clients, a construction company, has set up several webcams on their construction site (in Turkey) for their UK clients to monitor progress. However, apparently the security settings on the browsers of most of the clients are blocking the IP broadcast. As most of them are practically email illiterate (mainly sweet old retired couples etc.) it's highly unlikely that any of them would be capable of altering their browser security settings.

Any suggestions as to how we can work around this? Sorry I can't be more specific but this really isn't my area (I'm allergic to webcams). I know that most of the old dears are able to watch YouTube videos, for example.

The webcams work for you?

The webcams work for you?

Yep, but on my colleague's computer they only work with a third-party web cam viewing software installed. At first I thought that maybe we could send this software to all the clients but apparently "computer illiterate" means "unable to open attachments, download anything, or install new software".

I really am cr*p at non-static media, so I don't even know the right questions to ask, but... Could we embed some kind of Java app or other software in the web page, for example? This is the link:

Any suggestions would be really, really gratefully received...

That's actually a really good idea. You should check the documentation that came with the cameras if that is possible with the model of camera in use. All web cams are different.

I am trying to connect to the web cam myself and I am having a very hard time doing so. It didn't work in Firefox at all and in IE it is running VERY VERY slowly and then prompting me to install an ActiveX control, which I am accepting, but am still unable to see any video.

Perhaps you should send very detailed instructions of how to install this special web cam software or walk through it with them over the phone.

i tried also and firefox is a nothing and IE6.5 will not install the active x. get this error .