"sorry to be so long answering this post". Nope. This goes at your pace. Ok, and mine, also.. :). I try to be timely but it is not always possible.
To temporarily disable real-time scanning, open MSE, click the Settings tab, select Real-Time Protection, and clear the check box. Remember to turn it on again.

Thanks Gerbil.will try that as soon as I do my fortnightly shopping.How did you get to be so good with the technical stuff.I'm good with words and researching but the tech stuff leaves me confused. what is in Google is my best friend.I'm actually heading back to bed before shopping I've been up since 3am. c u later cheers Helen

Google is fine, as long as you take a couple kilos of salt in there with you. Put that on your shopping list.

Ah Gerbil I usually go to Google to save me time searching through Microsoft for the exact thing I am looking for.It will give me the link.I tend to get a tad impatient with myself and my lack of knowledge about computers but then I had never used a computer in any office I worked in so knew nothing at all about them when I purchased my 1st one in 2004 so I don't think I'm doing too bad .My tech solved all the biggies and encouraged me to learn how to do minor things myself.He is a rare man only wants what is best for all.(in computerland )too bad hes 2000 kilometers away from me.cheers Helen

Then you are lucky. He saves you having to learn too much about things, knowledge you may only require the once. I actually do loathe the unending complications that technology has brought into our lives.... the cds of instructions that come with a camera or a phone, the sheer multiplicity of possibilities that are incorporated in all systems nowadays. Geek exercises. For some part.
Anyway, how are you progressing with your various puter problems? Sorted any yet?

hi ,although i read most of this thread i didn't read it word for word ,so tjis mayhave alread been said
winxp usually installs a real/true admin acct [ some brand name computers like Dell and otheres didn't do this ]that can be accesed by hitting f8 on bootup and going into safe mode ,chose admin acct ,try uninstalling avg from there ,,may not work because a windows install/uninstall service not running in safe mode ,but worth a try

Thank you Both Gerbil and unknown person. I decided after fiddling around geting all of the suggestions from Gerbil,Lordt in order so I can just go from page to page and tick off what works and what didn't. Today I am having a Sloth day as ffar as the computer goes doing sweet nothing at all to it then tomorrow will attack it until I fix it or throw it out the door.Some call it a mental health day I call it a Sloth day. Cheers Helen

hI Gerbil, Hope you had a good weekend, ok lets start.I went back a few steps and deleted All user accounts then I used my Windows registration key to be the admin.When I start up computer that is what is on the screen and as it will open on the password I was using with the helen as admin I can logon.However after running the removal tool you gave me, the same message as before about access denied I then went to a site that gave me the registry keys for AVG but der me forgot to write down what that site was, but,it did show me the keys and one key has this HZ (pretty sure that was the thing) and apparently there is no value put on that key. I stopped right there as I cannot find that site.I am extremely reluctant to muck around in the registry. So ok I go hunting to find the registry by typing in search cmd regedit the only thing is that anything I type in is rejected as I'm supposed to be looking for hkey current user but that is not a recognised command. Now the questions in my mind is that missing key causing this problem and could Zwankysearch have had anything to do with it as I understand it attacked the 32/dll whatever that is and that would have been done before I got rid of the program through add/remove and then getting rid of any reference to it on here? Logic says to me that the chain of events make sense but what do I know? I have to go now as I have a drs appt shortly, thank heavens its just up the road. Cheers Helen ps. keep the faith we will solve this darn problem .

Hi Gerbil. Uninstall/install instructions for AVG.
as I thought the admin problem and this AVG problem are linked.

First some things to remember...

Standard and limited user accounts normally do not have the proper rights to make changes to Windows so always log into a Windows with a user account that has full administrator rights when installing any software including AVG.

Most antispyware, parental control and process monitor types of protection software can block the required changes when installing AVG program, so make certain to disable them when installing or uninstalling AVG.

How to uninstall AVG:
- Download AVG uninstall/cleanup utilty and run it ( if running Vista or Windows 7: remember to right-click on it and choose "Run as Administrator"):

AVG Remover (32 bit & 64 bit version)

If is not possible to download any file (they disappear after download), please remove this file from AVG program folder "C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG8\avgoff2k.dll" (for 64bit systems "C:\Program Files (x86)\AVG\AVG8\avgoff2k.dll") and check the download again.

Please be informed that AVG remover must be finished completely - sometimes stopping of AVG services (for example AvgMfx) takes more time.

- After restart please remove these folders*:

Windows XP/2000
C:\Program Files\AVG or C:\Program files(x86)\AVG (for 64bit OS)
C:\Documents and settings\All users\Application data\AVG8
C:\Documents and settings\All users\Application data\AVG9

Windows Vista/7(Seven)
C:\Program Files\AVG or C:\Program files(x86)\AVG (for 64bit OS)

( Stop here if not re-installing )

- Then download the latest installation file from this webpage and run it: ( if running Vista or Windows 7: remember to right-click on it and choose "Run as Administrator"):

AVG 8.5.x Installation files are found at http://free.avg.com/ww-en/download-file-ins-afe

AVG 9.0.x Installation files are found at http://free.avg.com/download-file-ins-afg-free

Update AVG when completed, restart your computer and then re-enable any protection software you disabled earlier.

* Some folders could be hidden by default Windows settings. To view hidden files and folders:
1. On the taskbar, click Start -> (Settings) -> Control Panel -> (Appearance and Personalization) -> Folder options.
2. Click the View tab.
3. Click “Show hidden files and folders” (the name may vary depending on the operating system). Will wait for your take on it before trying it. cheers Helen

Okay, helen... then this should sort the admin problem - method creates a new admin user. First comes a status check, just for fun, then the creation and conversion.[from my post on page 2]
You should also be able to do it while logged in normally if your sys still sees you as an administrator. Let's see if it does... go Start, Run, and enter cmd
In the cmd window enter..
net user -you see there all the accounts your machine has; some may surprise you by their existence! Okay, now enter..
net user helen [or whatever your admin account name is]. Near the bottom is Local Group Memberships; you want it to be *Administrators. But anyway, it appears to be corrupt, so....
To create a new administrator account you first create a new user, then enter that account into the administrator's group. So, enter these two commands..
net user sooky /add
net localgroup administrators sooky /add
-and now sooky is an administrator! To get sooky to show either logoff/logon or restart; the new sooky account is created at that moment. Copy over docs and setts files, folders from helen. Delete helen. Give sooky a password..
net user sooky * .

Hi Gerbil as I was logging on I realised that when the techs at my ISP have to help me they always make me do stuff in MSE I have just read back and noticed u said to turn off real time scanning in MSE .I missed that before probably because I honestly did not know what it was.I am using firefox but I recently up graded to microsoft 8 Now is MSE Microsoft Internet I have only ever heard IE not MSE . I know you are shaking your head and I feel like a goose.but would doing it all in firefox make that much of a difference? Cheers Dumbo me.Helen

MSE is not Microsoft Security Essentials instead? Its not a browser for sure as far as I can tell, and also it was IE 8 to which you upgraded to, from IE7, so no worries I think there.

Hi Lodrt, I know MSE as in microsoft security essentials is not Internet Explorer The only time I have seen IE is in my all programs and when I am asked by the techs to go there. I know IE is Internet Explorer but MSE did not gel with me I am right now loading IE up. But some good news my computer when I did the cmd user thing shows my windows registration number as admin and Helen as guest.Now do I do the rest of what Gerbil says to do in IE please?

Hmm sry but did not read all the comments posted, what did gerbil say to do in IE?

hi Lordt was not IE that Gerbil said it was MSE Microsft security essentials it was how to stop it running for a while as I was asked by a program to uninstall avg as it was interfering with the process I think I read It wrong the 1st time.I think Lordt that I will simply have to stop now and call in a tech because I'm really frustrated by it all and it is stressing me out It will take a tech 15 minutes max to fix the problem.I still think though that AVG is the actual problem as the same reason for non uninstall is always the same and there is a registry key in AVG that is missing.And from memory it had HZ beside the registry key and no value ???? I have forgotten the exact wording of that ????I looked up what that HZ meant and it meant no value added so maybe that is the error because when the uninstall program stops and I click on details HKEY thing has missing registry key the beside that its says windows is creating registry key but it never does create the key.As to changing the administrator It doesn't matter how many times I add another name and assign it admin status it still does not work.I thank you for you time and effort, I'm off to bed and will check back in the morning and if no new EASY solutions I will close the thread if thats ok.I can live with this for a bit longer until I can afford to get a tech in.I live on an aussie aged pension and there is not much left over at the end of each fortnight. not moaning about it just stating facts. Thanks again Cheers Helen

Cool. Now because "when I did the cmd user thing shows my windows registration number as admin and Helen as guest".... you, logging in as Helen, can never create an admin account because Helen is a Guest. So log in as your "windows registration number" when you start your computer. You will then be an admin. And then do the account creation steps in the cmd window:
net user sooky /add
net localgroup administrators sooky /add
-and sooky is then an administrator! To get sooky to show in explorer etc logoff and logon as sooky. The new sooky account is created at that moment.
Then, logged on as sooky [an admin] try removing AVG again.

commented: thumbs up for the net user command +1

Hi Gerbil, I actually did that yesterday in IE and I had a temporary loss of all the stuff I had with firefox and I am still trying to get some things back. it's mainly shortcuts I had on the desktop as its easy to get to for the regular things I do.It's my memory of what I had there is the problem with that. The other stuff I had is still there. I rarely if ever use IE as a browser in fact like I said before it only gets used if the tech support at Dodo are helping me and that is not often.Usual problem with connecting to the net through Dodo is either DNS or an outage.Have learned to live with it, no big deal.Will the same thing happen again if I do it all again because stupid me I deleted the registration number ID and I now sign on as Helen password protected . I have a lot of things protected by that master password, like bank accounts etc.Also a lot of different user names and passwords stored.I'm still able to use the computer and the only thing I cannot do is get rid of AVG, I'll live with that and I will contact Grisoft for an answer. Cheers Helen.I'll wait to see what you say and then mark this solved.You already know how much I appreciate your help.Thank you again cheers Helen

Gerbil Have closed this now hope you do realise how much I appreciated your help but its time to let it go will manage until I can afford the tech.anyway my tech will be back this way soon as he takes a break at Xmas . Merry Xmas, happy new year and all good thing come to you. cheers Helen

""Hi Gerbil, I actually did that yesterday in IE and I had a temporary loss of all the stuff I had with firefox" ...Wha..?!! IE? That procedure [from a couple of posts up] you do in the cmd window, Helen, the one that pops when you go Start > Run, and type cmd before keying Enter [or selecting OK]. A [generally] small, black window...
Nothing at all to do with IE or Firefox; it should affect neither browser. A point of fact, i rarely use IE, FF I use for some things like banking cos many will not work correctly in Opera [their slack coding/adherence to protocols], which last I use by default. Actually, I haven't mentioned any browser in all of this, they were irrelevent to our discussion.
If you lost some shortcuts from your desktop, then logging back in as Helen should have returned them; note that the sooky account would have been freshly created, with a few default icons and some ghastly M$ backgound picture. I meant you to use that account to remove AVG, then perhaps to copy in all your Helen desktop shortcuts, files etc. I could have guided you in that. Desktop shortcuts are held in a folder in your account plus perhaps some in the All Users category [generally pgm icons which are available to all account holders].
The folders are : c:\docs n setts\helen\desktop
and : c:\docs n setts\all users\desktop -just for info, no need to touch the contents of this folder.
Copying the contents of c:\docs n setts\helen\desktop into the c:\docs n setts\sooky\desktop folder would have restored to the new account all your icons.
But that is really for information only, also. Because once you created the sooky account you merely had to Copy ALL the folders under c:\docs n setts\helen into c:\docs n setts\sooky.
And bingo!, a new admin account called sooky with all the bells n whistles you had under Helen. Of course, the background would have required tinkering with via the desktop display settings. Easy as, though.
And a gret christmas to you, too. It is a way off, yet....

Hi Gerbil its 4am and have just had 1st coffee so brain is in gear.I'm going to print this out like I have done all the rest its easier for me to have the instructions in front of me in black and white than do something then minimize all the time to do the next bit.Sometime this morning I will be changing the admin but at least now I know I can do it.That missing registry key in AVG worries me as there a lot out there who have the exact same problem I have.It came about for them the same as it did for me ,by downloading the update to AVG free 9 for 2011.That also failed.Why they have not fixed it beats me. Am I allowed to request more help if I need it ? Cheers Helen have a good day .

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