I have a old HP Pavilion ze2000 that will not start. I tried restarting my laptop in all 4 modes and all I get is a black screen. Tried reinstalling windows xp and it gets to the blue set up screen and freezes at "windows is starting". The HD test comes back good. What can I do next???

Try reformat the hard disk instead of reinstalling. Format means clean out everything in your computer and do a fresh install of your Window XP and see how it goes. But of course you should have all your data back up first.

Try Linux.

Goto Ubuntu.com download and Burn the Iso.

Boot from it, it will ask you if you wihs to try or install, choose the first option on the list which will be Try.

Once inside try and use the system, check your files, try and surf.

This is to rule out Hardware failure.

If you like the Interface and usability you can click install now or you can back up your data and do a clean install. You may wish to try Xubuntu which is a lighter version of Ubuntu very good for older machines, makes them run like they are on NOS.

Anyway Please let me know of any problems you encounter.