i'm a training programmer..
and im using Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0;
and im trying to execute some program with a complete code...
it is delay to display out and i tried the same code as others computer..
it is working smoothly..
what should i do can remove the delaying in my computer of when i execute a program?

here is the problem when after i finish to delay...

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The problem may be due to Too many running apps like antivirus, spywares etc. Try to disable them and try again. If problem persist try it on some other compiler.

Note: Try upgrading your IDE to atleast Visual Studio 2005.


Is Visual Studio 2005 having C++ ?
because im still in training... needed that software..
ya.. i have tried to close the anti-virus and it is also work smoothly..
but it that any idea to solve this kind of problem ? without closing the anti virus application.


VS 2005 has C++ compiler.

Use Microsoft Security Essentials. It is much better than all other commercial or free antiviruses. Your system will be fast and secure.

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