Hello Members.
I need some help and would appreciate helpful comments.
I run Vista Ultimate.
When I click on the desktop to start a program, or click on START etc... the pop up panel stay on for just a microsecond and then disappers.
I had this propblem once before and got help but I lost the instruction so I am asking again.
Thanks in advance


Kelly Theriot's Taskbar Repair Tool Plus!, which has a free and paid version. This gem is $5 for the paid version, but the free one let's your get back a disappeared Taskbar and Start Menu

i have never tried this program

Thank you for your reply.
It does not adress my problem, which is as soon as I click on an item, or want to open a folder etc.. it stays on only a second, not long enough to open it mosy of the time.
I had this problem once and got an answer, but sadly I have lost it,

this could be that your explore.exe is corrupt.

im sorry i cant help this has never happend to me

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