Hi there I was trying to copy an ISO image with Nero but when I insert the cd I want to burn the image to and start the burning process it stops straight after saying "writing short lead out" and then "burn process failed at 8x (11.08kb)".
Could anybody tell me what that means and why it happens please? I used 2 dvds already ad I am not sure whether i can reuse them or I have to bin them.
I have included the log file as well
I have nero version 7 and windows vista

The 2 DVDs are wasted. Just in case, try to install a virtual drive, and mount the ISO file on it, usually can use this 1 : http://www.slysoft.com/en/virtual-clonedrive.html

Mount the ISO after installing the software and creating a virtual drive, and I suggest u try to copy the contents from the ISO to a folder on the hard-disk, then burn to DVD as data dvd.

Or try google: Ashampoo Burning Studio 6 Free, and install it and burn from it to see.

will try that thanks. Do you know what's the cause of that particular error?

About the 2 DVD being wasted, I think they are fine because I used them for something else and I managed to burn them fine, so I presume they haven't been written at all when I had the error...strange!

It could happen that the disk from which the ISO has been created was present with a bad sector or something thus duplicated in the ISO. Some disks also have some kind of protection to prevent them from being copied directly but can be made into ISO files, and thus require to use a decrypter first then copy the contents from it instead of burning the ISO directly, whereby the use of a virtual drive to mount, a decrypter app to be able to copy/rip the files to a new folder then burn them to disk.

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