I am unable to install the latest security update for Windows Net 1.1 or whatever. I don't know why I need this update anyway as I have Net 3.5 SP1 (why not SP2?)

I am running XP Pro and have over a million files on a Dell 8200 vintage 2001 with 750 MB RDram and two new hard disks. This PC is linked to a Dell 9200 on which I have excluded Office software. The second PC is used for web design, video editing, and graphic applications. I am plagued with an update to Network 1.1 which won't install. I have posted my windowsupdatelog to the Microsoft Answers web and expect to receive advice in due course. But why do I need earlier versions of Net anyway? Can I get rid of them or is it best to leave installed software alone?

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instead of update try a download then install .

Thanks caperjack,

I have downloaded from your link and installed version 3. It has no affect on the nagging request to download and install the security fix for 1.1. I understand from reading elsewhere that one can't just get rid of all the .Net downloads and then download the latest version. did you mean I should have downloaded 1.1? Update is has downloaded the security fix but it won't install. Well that what it says. it completes the Initialisation but then can't install it.


I have downloaded the .Net frameworks Cleanup tool and unistalled all of the .Net software and then went and downloaded 3.5. Next I went back to Microsoft Update and searched for high Priority updates and continued till there were no more to download.

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