Hi, I have an older desktop PC that i had Windows XP Home Edition installed on. Recently out of no where i booted it up and the screen showed the Trend ChipAway Virus error message. So i googled this and found out how to disable this error message, so i did, and now when i start up the computer it doesnt show that message but after the initial hardware diagnostic check it does every boot up it hangs at a blank screen and does not load windows.

I know the obvious fix is to just reformat it and be done with it but if there is a way to fix this without resorting to this i would greatly appreciate the help.


You could do a Window repair. Try booting up in safe mode and see whether you could do anything from there. Failing which you can boot up a Window XP CD and after the EULA you just click repair. It will delete the old Window and replace with a fresh Window. But of course it is better to back all your data first.

Trend ChipAway Virus is a BIOS Anti-Virus program that detects any writing or modifing of the hard drive's boot sector. Some viruses write to the boot sector to try and make the system boot from the infected sector infecting the computer.

Trend ChipAway virus tries to prevent this.

Is that what the error message was saying? or was the error about a driver or something like a BIOS problem or along those lines...