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Help required with failure to send of some email attachments.

I am suddenly having problems sending some email attachments in Outlook 2003. I am using email provider uko2 with BeThere ISP. I have two independent computers which are both connected to the same router and each has the same attachment files stored on them. It is the same attachement files which will suddenly not send on both computers. I have sent these attachments many times before. They are all smaller than 300 kb in size. All other attachments send ok.
I have a folder of text attachments which I send fairly often and these are all in Word 2003 .doc format. The ones which will not send have text boxes and bullet point paragraphs within the text. I have tried re-saving the files with a new name but they will not send and have also copied the contents directly into the body of the email instead of using an attachment but this will not send either.
I checked my Outlook log and found that BeThere had refused the messages under error 554.
The only thing that I could think of that had changed was that when surfing a particular website I had a pop up site which was difficult to close. So thinking that maybe this had compromised my outgoing settings in some way, I obtained an alternative outgoing address and port number for the BeThere email account settings and then all attachments sent ok, so this appeared to have fixed the problem.
I could not remember which was the problem website and a couple of days after that I looked at the same website and got the same pop up site which again was hard to close. Following this the problem returned so now I have the same attachment sending issue with the second outgoing email account address setting. In both instances as I eventually managed to close the popup, I do not remember the website which I suspect was the cause of the problem.I will have no further need to visit this website.

I am attributing the offending popup as the cause of the issue as I cannot think what else could have suddenly prevented sending of particular attachments.
I find it odd that it is one type of attachment which will not send and even odder that when re-saving it under a new file name it does not send, nor when I paste the contents into the body of an email. However as the problem was solved with an alternative outgoing account setting/port, this may suggest that something has affected the outgoing settings for certain attachment contents.

I have scanned with Avast and Malwarebytes which found nothing. I have run 'Detect & Repair in Office which has made no difference.
I successfully sent an attachment using the webmail.

I am running XP 2003 Prof SP3 and Office 2003 Prof SP2

I need to fix this issue as I send these attachments fairly often, so help required please.

Thanks in advance……… bar457