I am using the EXAMPLE Code in the attached code example to copy a CSV file into a 2d array. The Code came with a CSV Data Example with the Filename of "Test.CSV". As the code indicates the Dimensions are handled by the Ubound parameter and the ReDim option. The Data elements in the provided CSV File is of various lengths while my CSV File elements are a fixed length. In the code I copied and pasted the code line in the program that set the filename then commented out the original code line. I then re-named my CSV file to “Test.CSV” assuming that it would work. But it didn’t. During some research on the Solution Explorer I discovered that there was a copy of the original CSV file in the Solution Explorers bin\Debug folder which according to MSDN should have a properties Option that allows an overwrite if the version being used is later than the one in the Debug folder. By right clicking the CSV file this option is supposed to be available. I followed the MSDN instructions but those options are not in the properties options. When clicking the CSV file in the Solution Explorer bin\Debug folder and it displays the data of the original CSV file. Even after a re-build.

My question is how do I replace the original data of the CSV File located in the Solution Explorers bin\debug folder. Can I delete the version in the Debug folder and re-compile using My CSV version. What can I do to use My CSV file version instead of the one in the bin\debug folder?

Thank You

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How about moving your CSV file into another folder and changing strfilename to the fully qualified file name like "d:\temp\test.csv"

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